The Room Three Solutions

Chapter 1 Atrium and Study Room | The Room 3

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You have entered an atrium with a round table at the center. Place the engraved pyramid on the table. Get an emblem.
Ch1 table atriumCh1 pyramid on table
Ch1 emblem
Locate a board inside the alove in the wall. Insert emblem in the empty socket. Four additional emblems will appear. Each pair of emblems combines to make the one below. Rotate the emblems to complete the family tree. The emblem puzzle solution is shown in the image below. A doorway will appear. Exit the atrium.
Ch1 emblem frameCh1 emblem puzzle
Ch1 study doorway
Enter the study room and locate a power generator. You need to arrange the connectors so there is an unbroken route. The hint is given at the bottom left corner of the panel: – -> + -> -. Slide the bars at the top and bottom of the connectors. Puzzle solution is shown in the image below.
Ch1 power generator puzzle
The power generator is now working. Follow the wire to a switch. Turn the switch.
Ch1 power switch
A projector on the tripod is powered up. Open the projector by flipping four switches on the side. Then push the diamond button in the center.
Ch1 tripod
Locate an oscilloscope on the desk. The two dials control the oscillation. Adjust the green frequency to match the black frequency. The device of the tripod will start operate and reveal a doorway.
Ch1 oscilloscopeCh1 projector

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